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Senior Care

As your pet ages, they need more advanced care and attention. Our hospital recommends twice yearly senior exams. A lot can change with their health in a short amount of time. We consider seniors to be dogs aged 7+ and cats aged 9+. The doctor will assess their weight and body condition and examine them from nose to tail. We can perform bloodwork in our hospital or send out testing to Idexx Reference Laboratories. Urine testing & blood pressure checks are done in-house by our Licensed Veterinary Technicians. If your pet is feeling stiff or favoring a particular leg, x-rays can be taken during your appointment. If deemed appropriate, a variety of pain medicines & joint supplements are available to make these senior pets more comfortable.
We recommend annual screening bloodwork, urine tests and blood pressures on senior pets.

​Please recognize that in order for us to be in accordance with state law we must have an established doctor-patient relationship to dispense medications and prescription diets, which is accomplished through yearly exams.